Tiny Crafty Corner

Handmade By Mei


Hi! Welcome to Tiny Crafty Corner! My name is Mei. I am based in Ontario, Canada. I love art, design, and DIYs.

I studied Arts in school. Worked mostly as a photographer. And now I found the joy in crochet.

I found the love in crochet when my sister asked me to make a scarf for my baby niece. But I knew almost nothing about crocheting nor knitting. All I known was the basic stitches. But I wanted to make it special for the little one. So I learned through other crocheters on Youtube, this is how I discovered my love in crochet.

I now have my own Youtube channel documenting my crochet projects. I enjoy being creative of turning a strand of yarn into something useful and delightful.

If you have any questions about my works, you may find me here: