Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a very fantastic 2023. And wish everyone good health, happiness and prosperity in the coming year.

I have been lacking in updating the blog and I’ll try my best to keep everything up to date this year.

This Sunday blanket was made as part of the Hobbii element challenge. I don’t normally crochet blankets because it takes a very long time.

It may takes a long time to crochet blankets, but the stitches I used for this blanket are basic ones and beginner friendly. Rows are repeated a few times in each section.

The finished blanket measures approximately 54″ x 65″. And you can easily adjust it to the size you want.

In this project I used two different types of yarn, and they are from Hobbii. They may be different types of yarn but both of them are medium weight.

Yarn #1: Winter Glow by Hobbii

Yarn #2: Portobello by Hobbii

Hook: 5mm / US H8

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Video Tutorial