I have a best friend when I crochet. I would not pick my hook without it.

What is a Crochet Ring?

Crochet ring is a small handy crochet jewellery, to keep your yarn at an even tension and most importantly it protects your finger from skin burns.

We usually, I was at least, I wrapped the yarn around my index finger each time when I crochet.  And after a little while, a mark is showed on the finger from pulling the yarn. And it can be really hurting if do that for a long time!! And not to imagine if you have a big project ahead of you that you have to crochet for hours.  

Problem solved with a crochet ring came to the rescued.

The yarn eventually hooks onto the loop on the ring and not on the finger anymore. There are many crochet rings in the market. As well as many names for it. And to name a few: yarn tension ring, finger yarn guide, knitting loop, yarn guide finger holder and etc.

The most well known are the Peacock and Gold Fish Crochet Tension Rings. Whatever they are called, they all do the same thing. 

The One I Highly Recommend.

The Original 1-Loop Crochet Ring is the one I highly recommend.

What makes it so special?

It is handcrafted. The best part is I get to choose the material I want.

I know exactly what my crochet ring is made of. Whether is sterling silver, pure copper, silver plated copper or silver plated brass.

This is perfect for someone like myself who gets reactions from cheap unknown metals.

I recently received a 2-loop crochet ring. This works really well when working with multiples of strands of yarns. It separated your yarns and kept them untangled. Hours of work could put into it to separating the yarns if you don’t have an organized system.

These rings work well on both hands, so regardless if you are right handed or left handed.

And lastly, it makes a perfect gift for that someone who crochets or knits.

Should you use a crochet right?
Crochet ring, my best investment!