Hello, my friends, welcome to August. I have a mixed feeling every time when August arrived. Depressed, it’s the end of summer. And excited for fall and winter’s arrival, because there are so many crochet ideas. I can definitely crochet all day as long as I have my hot tea.  And not to mention, Christmas is the biggest season of the entire year.

Part of the end of summer crochet projects, I’ve made this easy breezy 1-piece poncho.  I used a Skinny Cakes from Caron.  It is a #3-light yarn and I found it works very well on this pattern.  It made the poncho very lightweight and thin which is the perfect transition before winter.

This poncho is made up of 1 large rectangle with basic crochet stitches.  Any beginner can do this.

Video Tutorial



  • CH – Chain
  • SC – Single Crochet
  • DC – Double Crochet
  • V-ST – V-Stitch
  • ST(S) – Stitch(es)
  • CH SP – Chain Space


  • Measures 23×55 inches – fits an average adult. But you can easily adjust the CH to make it bigger or smaller.


  • 5 rows = 2 inches
  • 4 V-STs = 2 inches


  • 3xCH at the beginning of the round does count as a stitch.
  • The foundation CH must be in multiple of 3.
  • V- ST is 1xDC + 2xCH + 1xDC

Pattern Instructions

Part 1: Starts with a CH of 249

R1: Subtract 1 CH (total 248 CH). Starts on the 2nd CH, SC into the bumps on the back of the CH – total 247 STs.

R2: 3xCH, turn, DC into first ST, skip 2, V-ST (1xDC + 2xCH + 1xDC), skip 2, V-ST

Last ST, 2xDC.

R3: 3xCH, turn, DC into first ST, 3xDC into CH SP all the way until the end of the round. 

Last ST, 2xDC into top of CH3.

R4: 3xCH, turn, DC into first ST, skip 2, V-ST (into 2nd DC of the 3), skip 2, V-ST.  Repeat all the way until the end of the round.

Last ST, 2xDC into top of CH3.

R5: is the repeat of R3.

***Alternate R2 & R3 for as many times as you like.  I stopped after I reached 23 inches.

***Please feel free to add more or make less rows.

Final Round: *Previous round was 3xDC into CH SP.

1xCH, turn, SC into every ST – total 247 STs.

At the end of the round, 1xCH, and cut yarn.


  • Fold the panel in half.
  • From the midpoint, leave about 14 inches for the head.
  • From the marker stitch all the way down, then fasten the tails.
  • When stitching, I always insert needle from one panel and out from the other panel. But feel free to use any other methods you like.