Are you starting out in crochet poncho? Then look no further.  This poncho is made up with two large rectangles while used only the double crochet stitch and the bobble stitch.  Therefore, it is easy enough for beginners. Basically, this is a two row and repeat.

Tell you what, this is my first poncho. But I am excited to share with you of my creation. The colours remind me of the fall colours in Canada, so I called this the Pretty Fall Bobble Poncho. It is prefect to wear a one-layer and have it over it in the fall season.

Since it is made up of two large rectangles so it’ll be a great weekend project. And you can easily to adjust it into any size by increase or decrease the number of the foundation chain.

Video Tutorial



  • CH – Chain
  • DC – Double Crochet
  • Bobble – Bobble Stitch
  • ST(S) – Stitch(es)


  • Small: CH 128 + 9
  • Medium: CH 144 + 9
  • Large: CH 160 + 9


  • 3 rounds = 1 inch
  • Each Bobble stitch = 2 inches apart


  • 2xCH at the beginning of the round does not count as a stitch.
  • Bobble stitch – yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull through (leave loop on the hook) and repeat 4 times (insert into the same stitch) until you have 6 loops on the hook. Then yarn over, pull through 6 loops from hook.
  • The foundation CH must be in multiple of 8 + 9 CHs

Pattern Instructions

Starts with a CH of 128 (for the smallest size)

R1: Add 9 CH – total of 137 CH

Flip CH to the back, and DC into the bumps on the back starting on the 3rd CH, DC into every CH – total 135 STs

R2: 2xCH (does not count as a ST), turn, DC into 7 STs, Bobble. Repeat: DC into 7 STs, Bobble all the way to the end.

R3: 2xCH, turn, DC into every ST – total 135 STs

R4: 2xCH, turn, DC into 3 STs, Bobble, DC into 7 STs, Bobble. Repeat: DC into 7 STs, Bobble… At the end of the round, DC into the last 3 STs.

Repeat: Round 1 – 4. The final row is a DC round. After last ST, 1xCH. Cut yarn. Make sure to leave a long tail for stitch (about almost 3x of the width)

Small: 37 Rows (15 inches)

Medium: 45 Rows (18 inches)

Large: 53 Rows (21 inches)

Make one more of the exact same panel.

***Please feel free to add more or make less rows.

Once there are two panels, line them up side by side.
Flip both of panels so that the right side (pattern) is facing down. And move the first panel to the bottom of the other one. Stitch at where the line is.
Once the pervious step is done, then fold the bottom panel into 1/3 as what it shown in the photo.
Bring the top panel all the way down, to form a square. And stitch at where it shown in the photo. Once it is done, your poncho is ready!!