A happy investor! This lovely hand-crafted crochet ring is one of my best purchase ever. If you are someone that crochets or knits a lot then this little gadget will change the way how you work with yarn.

If you have experienced yarn burns and blisters on fingers, which I am pretty sure many of us do. Then let this be the must-have crochet gadget to be part of your life.

This well-made adjustable crochet ring helps with the consistent of yarn tension and more importantly, no more cutting skin. It makes a big difference when working on big projects. It can be wore on the left hand or the right hand.

The best thing I like about this crochet ring is that I can choose the material I want… copper, silver plated copper, silver plated brass, and even sterling silver. This is perfect for someone who gets reactions from cheap metals.

There is the one loop crochet ring and there’s also a two loop crochet ring. The two loop ring is best when working with two different colour yarns or two skeins of yarns at the same time.

It might take some time to get use to at fist but once you get a hang of it, you won’t want to crochet without it. I love it so much. And I absolutely love the details on it.

For a closer look and how I work with with this crochet ring, please click on the video below. Or click here to get yours today.