Since the first time I designed my first slouchy hat, last year and I have been obsessed to design another one. But it has been taking me so long to come up with a pattern that works and that I like. I am so happy today that I’ve finally figured it out! It’s quite simple actually. And I can see myself wear it everyday.

In order to crochet this Everyday Slouchy Hat, you’ll need to know some of the basic stitches such as a single crochet and a V-stitch, which is the form of one double crochet + one chain + one double crochet. This hat started off with the FSC which stands for Foundation Single Crochet for a smoother look.

For those who has not yet managed the FSC, it can also be replaced with a chain + a row of single crochet.

The printable version is available in my Etsy shop. And this hat is one size, fits on an average adult.

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Video Tutorial