This cute little Strawberry Handbag was inspired by a 2-year old girl. Age of 2 is the starting age of seeing-what-adults-do-and-they’ll-do-the-same. Such as, use of mobile phones, working on the computer, brushing teeth, or wearing high-heels and carrying a handbag. Whether is a good behavior or a bag behavior, they’ll copy anyway! So watch out on your behaviors in front of kids!

The story on how I was inspired by this 2-year old girl. Well, she’s my niece. Last month was her birthday and I’ve thought of getting a little purse for her. But I ended up buying her something else. I went over to give her my gift, and saw she got many toys but not a purse. As she and I was playing together, she discovered my Strawberry Reusable Grocery Bag. She was playing it as a Yo-Yo. That’s how I was inspired and I should’ve getting her a little purse instead. The Strawberry Reusable Grocery Bag has became her one of her toys now.

This Strawberry Handbag is very easy to make. It’s prefect for a little girls but it’s also very fun and decorated in the house.

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Video Tutorial